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A Story a Month: December  
07:56pm 09/01/2010
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A Story a Month: November  
06:55pm 09/01/2010

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06:08pm 07/07/2009
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Up, Up, and Away  
06:05pm 06/07/2009
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06:03pm 06/07/2009
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03:03pm 27/10/2007

Has officially stolen my soul and life for the next 30 days.
 Who all has signed up?? Send me a link to your screenname/profile page so I can find you! :)

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08:06pm 11/08/2007

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Best book-to-film adaptation I think I've ever seen. The only movie I can think of that didn't make me rant for hours afterward about all the details from the book they left out. I mean, obviously they left out details that I'd have liked to see--the Faerie Market, for one. And the lion/unicorn fight would have been cool to see, but I read that the only reason they took that out was because it cost a million dollars for only 90 seconds of film. I wanted the prophecy--the slave princess would only be free "on the day the moon loses her daughter, if that occurs in a week when two Mondays come together"--because that was just such a cool way to tie everything together. But everything in the movie *worked* with the missing little details. Unlike so many other movie adaptations (*thinks of Harry Potter*). I think this was partly because it was produced by Neil Gaimon and Charles Vess, so obviously just that would make it good. But the sets were unbelievable. The ghosts were great comedy relief, as was Captain Shakespeare. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. 

Er, more soon. I've promised myself that I'll post more frequently once school starts.
Love to all. <3

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Pirate musings  
03:30pm 28/05/2007
Saw Pirates 3 twice this weekend. First time Friday night for the premiere-ish thing, then again just now with my slightly pirate obsessed friend (it's only been out since Friday, and she's seen it 5 times).
Overall, I rather enjoyed it, more so the second time than the first I think. This was mainly because it was extremely confusing, more confusing than the second, which is saying something. Just because everyone kept changing sides and there were four sides to the battle, sort of two-against-two (Dutchman and East India Company vs The Pearl and the Singapore dudes) but not really. Singapore captain hated Pearl captain and everyone except Tia Dalma hated Davy Jones, only she sort of hated him and loved him at the same time. And the EI Company dudes where just selfless jerks, not really evil. Yet everyone was against them as well. And the nine pieces of eight--who came up with *that* title? Talk about misleading and confusing...lots of parts were confusing, but when you already knew what was going to happen in the end, it was a bit easier to follow. And when you could actually follow it, you could see the brilliance in it. There was Jack of course, and his brilliant and witty one-liners (my peanut!). I was completely in awe at how they were able to bring back all the tiny details from the first movie (which were obviously originally not meant to be anything other than pointless details) and make them meaningful to the second and third. Like the compass that doesn't point north, and what's-his-face's wooden eye. And the dog from the brig and his key which didn't really open the brig in Curse of the Black Pearl. I like him. "Sea turtles, mate." *snicker*
Yeah. Anyway, the only thing I would have liked was more of a threshold and difficulties getting to the End of the World and back (that "up is down" ship thing was pretty darned confusing as well), and less time setting up the action and finding aliances, everyone switching sides and changing their minds and such. Other than that, it was pretty good...wide open for another, methinks.
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Deathly Hallows!  
12:28pm 22/12/2006
I need to vent. Seriously. The title's getting to my head. I can't think straight. Therefore, I must get all my new theories out on here. Sorry, dear friends. You don't need to read this.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So I didn't realize till just now that the "Hallows" in the new title and the "hollow" in Godric's Hollow were spelled differently. Which makes me mad. And crushes my best theory. I still think they are connected, though. The title and the place where Lily and James were killed. Actually, my theory pertaining to this is that the Final Battle between Harry and LV will take place there, at Godric's Hollow, right where everything began.

Deathly--I'm thinking ghosts, or inferi, or other scary things that we've yet to be introduced to. Mostly ghosts (although the word "deathly" means simply "like death" not "dead"), perhaps a reunion from Sirius, or DD (more likely the former than the latter, I think--I mean, we've still got the two-way mirror and all). Perhaps Lily and James, too. Not saying they are going to become resurrected or anything, that would be a far fetch--plus then what would be the point of killing them off in the first place?--but maybe Harry'll find something that once belonged to one of the deceased people above, or they will help him by way of Pensieve, Two-Way Mirror, or ghost-form. Or something else.

Also, I found this online, which I found fascinating:
Hallow ("holy" or "holy night") the Oct. 31 Greater Sabbat, also called November Eve, the Celtic Samhain ("sow-en"); the beginning of the Celtic winter, and of the Celtic year; the beginning of the Witches' Year, when the Veil Between the Worlds grows thin and the spirits of the dead may return to Earth; the Descent of the Goddess to the Underworld; the final Harvest festival.

This was like, some kind of definition thing, not related to HP whatsoever. Only note the "Veil Between the Worlds"--remind you of another veil, perhaps? Like, maybe, the stupid Veil in OotP that Sirius fell through. That was a veil between the worlds of the living and dead, by all means. Note also: "spirits of the dead may return to earth..." Okay, so I don't really believe they will in DH. The ghosts in the Wizarding World can come and go as they please, any day of the year, not just on Halloween.

Enough of analysizing, now for the theories!
I already mentioned my Final Battle theory.
Other theories include returning to the Chamber of Secrets (it is plural, after all)--perhaps the final horcrux is hidden there. I've been convinced there's more to the Chamber since, like, book 4. I also remember Jo saying in an interview on the 3rd DVD that Alfonzo Cuaron (sp?) tried to put a graveyard near Hagrid's hut in the film, and she wouldn't let him, saying "no, it can't go there. The graveyard is somewhere else" (that wasn't the exact quote). Meaning there is a graveyard. And we've yet to see a graveyard. Meaning it will show up in book 7--I mean Deathly Hallows--DH. I originally thought the graveyard could be directly above the CoS, and something in the graveyard might be a sort of portal (door, whatever)to a specific corridor in the Chamber. But of course this is just coming out of my Brilliant Writer Mind and has no facts to back it up. It would just be cool.

Last thing until I think of more:
Kind of irrelevant, but interesting nonetheless. A breakdown of the word Horcrux:
HOR--Horology—the study of measuring time (there was that room in the DoM that was all about time, also the Horcrux essentially makes you immortal, which is definitely major-time-related)
CRUX--"essential or deciding point or element in something, for example, in an argument" (or giant battle with evil and all-powerful wizard). ALSO an extremely difficult or puzzling problem (Um, duh, I'd definitely call what Harry's going through a difficult or puzzling problem.)

Have I made any sense at all? I'm kind of rambling, but that's okay. Rambling is fun. I got an A on my English essay final for rambling. It was pretty cool. ^_^

Sorry about the long-ness of this post--I kind of forgot how to do the little short clicky thingy (crap, I don't even know what it's called, let alone how to *do* it!)

Anyway, I've been yelled at multiple times for not posting frequently enough. So there you go. ^_^
Just kidding.
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(no subject)  
12:57pm 18/12/2006
I really need to get into a routine on here of posting more than once a month.

Not that I have anything to *say* or anything. That would mean I had a life.

I'm actually planning on writing today. I still have less than six pages on Dreams of the Dead, which is pretty sad, since I started it in September. Hoping for it to grow at least a little bit by the end of the holidays. I'm actually quite liking it though--it might end up being one possibility for my Alpha submission.

Since I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to, reading has been taking up most of my time (time apart from that already claimed for finals, that is). Finished _The Sledding Hill_ by Chris Crutcher this morning, which was...interesting. Weird. But good. Books where the author makes himself a character just make me laugh. But I really liked the POV it was in--told by a dead person, with a pretty cool twist-ish thing at the end.

Also reading Tammy's _Terrier_ and _Green Mile_ by Stephen King. Both brilliant, of course.

Incredibly behind on Christmas stuff, so I should probably go back to wrapping presents...beneath the tree is way too bare. Much love, more later.
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